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2006's Memorable Movie Moments

Year-end lists are usually quite predictable with lists of the best and worst movies, the best performances, the best songs, etc. I was all set to make up those lists when I read Bharadwaj Rangan’s 20 standout moments from Hindi and Tamil movies. This led me to think about individual scenes or sequences that I remembered from 2006’s Tamil movies. So, as a short break before I get back to the usual lists, here are 5 of my picks for the best sequences from 2006’s Tamil films.

Pulikesi Escapes
In Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi, a film chockful of funny scenes and witty dialogs, the scene where Vadivelu escapes after being chained to the wall, stands out as a spontaneously hilarious scene. Realizing that the chains were made by Manobala, a blacksmith with whose work he has had prior bad experiences, Vadivelu simply pulls on them to free himself instantly. Vadivelu’s dialog delivery and Manobala’s expressions make it one of those scenes that brings on a smile each time we remember it.

Thangam wears a Reel Robe
For Pasupathy in Veyyil, the theater is his world and the projection room, his house. During the wonderful Urugudhe Marugudhe… song sequence, he disrobes Priyanka only to see her emerge shyly from the room, fully covered in film rolls. It is a poetic moment that signifies the importance of films in both their lives.

‘Kokki’ Kumar and Krishnaveni sell their wares
In the raw and earthy Pudhuppettai, no scene exemplifies the film’s rawness more than this shot where Dhanush and Sneha sell their wares. As he sells dope and she sells her body while nonchalantly chatting with each other, the perfectly-composed shot is a telling commentary on their lives and the fact that they are not very different from each other after all.

Kosi and Selvam learn shooting
This sequence is the most stylish in Pattiyal, director Vishnuvardhan’s stylish take on the lives of the two hired hands. As Arya and Bharath move up from sticks and swords to guns, their ‘practice’ session in the warehouse is picturized with great style. The setting of the abandoned, water-logged warehouse, the slo-mo shots and Yuvan’s thumping score make it an exhilarating piece of cinema.

Aadhi's first kill
Vijay's Aadhi holds a lot of surprises in the first half and the way he kills his first victim is the best of the lot. Stylishly shot and completely unexpected, it raises several questions to pull us into the movie and is a good shot of pure adrenaline. Too bad the film fails to maintain the momentum after that.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this has to be the coincidence of coincidences, bb...innaikki after a phone conversation, i was thinking of the "romba nalla paiyyan paa nee..." moment from "rhythm" and was thinking of more moments that have lifted movies to a different plane...was making up a list in my mind that included scenes like "kadaiseela elaaruma saerndhu enayum arasiyalvaadhi aakitaangale..." and the talkathon at the beginning of guna...

my favs from '06 (am referring to the woefully small list of 2.5 - 3.5 movies from bbreviews:

"manna maamanna...nee oru mama manna!"

"enaku coffee poattu kudukara enge appa enaku ipo venum"

the gun training scene u mentioned

the moment where shreya reddy hugs pasupathy in a tenderly affectionate way as she gives him an oil bath

nanda's outburst to manivannan and his subsequent apology in front of his crew

bhagyaraj mistaking a son-papdi vendor for a kovil mani! (typical Bhagyaraj brand of humor!)

"I hate violence against women even if its not my jurisdiction! So, I have invited myself to this party, my friend!" (kamal, unge english pesara style-ey thanee sir!)

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were three scenes just in Chithiram Pesudhadi.

Bhavana comes near the prostitute house and Naren's friend tries to get her attention away from the place and fails. She sees Naren get beaten and arrested and her heart shatters.

Something has happened to Bhavana's dad and people running in and out of the kitchen and Bhavana is just sitting outside numb to everything.

And finally, when Naren's friend tells him not to look, but his curiosity kills him to find out who just walked into the prostitute house. The fact that he caught that glimpse was what made him go back in, save that individual and implicate himself instead. The shock factor in that scene was simply superb.

Sita unable to accept the ending in Sharanya's story and (with Bhagyaraj's expert handling of that particular scene) where the emotions of the scene being heightened by her saying "how can you and my son not marry?" and "how can I accept that?" is very nicely brought out. Kudos Bhagyaraj! (Or do I even have to tell you what film this is?! :-) ;-)

When Bharath talks about all that he has learned from his dad Naseer and suddenly says, "I have a wonderful wife that I take care of very well and love very much; whom I never raise my hand against, no matter what! That's something that I also learned from you. How to not treat a wife." Fantastic set of dialogues by C.U.Muthuselvan in Em Magan.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger srivatsan said...


Did you see Rangan's 2006 moments the best ones were

a.Pattiyal (Pooja stops walking along and Bharath realises this a lot later!).

b.Raghavan Instinct goes to the crime scene after listening to dictaphone :-)

"I hate violence against women even if its not my jurisdiction! So, I have invited myself to this party, my friend!" -- can hardly imagine that he is 8th std drop out.

Apoorva Sagodarargal - *Romba kelvi kekaranga than schoolukke pola Sir*

At 12:27 AM, Blogger srivatsan said...

Best of all, was watching MMKR last week..

Gentlemen sorry to barge in on your meeting like this!!, I'm Madhanagopal from London..

Most sophisticated dialogue I've heard in Tamil Cinema :)

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best moment in Pudhupettai for me is when Kokki Kumar comes back home to see his father had killed his mom and his ensuing "escape" from his father. Brilliant! (And, also, the "de-melodramatization" of becoming a gangster -- when one of Kumar's mates recalls his past.)

At 3:25 AM, Blogger Bart said...

a) "Em Magan" - the scene where Bharath comes back to his dad's home and asks Nasser to comedown to his new home. Good dialogues
b) "Pudhukottai" - the scene where the politician delivers the regular on mike and pulls in "kokki" kumar back to his fold with a forced hug. The confused look on Dhanush's face.
c) "Veyyil" - Pasupathi and Bharath post-interval meeting at teakada :)
d) "Thiruttu Payale" - Flashback sequence where the boy asks the father, "Do I have get any parcel today from anywhere, appa?"
e) "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu" - Prakashraj in the crime spot seeing his daughter's dead body

"Chithiram Pesudhadi" - Naren seeing the heroine's father sequence as mentioned by Sandya.

At 3:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prin’s hilarious account of 2007 in Kollywood


T. Rajender’s Veerasamy flops miserably in the Pongal race but he self proclaims it’s the best tearjerker made. Aalwar flops as Ajith’s weight increases and Pokiri flops as Vijay decides to be a police. Ameer’s Paruthi Veeran becomes a massive hit and wins ameer, ‘the saddest director’ award at International level edging out a disappointed Cheran. Karthi Sivakumar signs twenty films at once including one with Nagma as heroine causing controversy.


Jeeva’s Pori creates sparks because of Pooja’s skimpy outfits and so does Pachakili Muthucharam as Milind Soman becomes the next evil craze after, ‘Jeevan’ and ‘Daniel Balaji’. Unnale Unnale is blasted as a stupid film as Tanisha is blasted for not looking like her sis, Kajol. Simbhu claims he is set to start his next project called, ‘Kettavan’ with ‘Thamiraparani’ Bhanu (the Nayantara lookalike), Riya Sen (cousin of Reema Sen) and a white girl, probably Paris Hilton, as heroines. T. Rajender claims the Diwali battle will be between two brothers, so he introduces T. R. Kularasan, who looks like a miniature version of his father. Jayam Ravi’s film ‘Deepavali’ creates confusion as it is released on Valentine’s Day. The Sivaji: The Boss songs are released.


The Dasavatharam songs are released only to find that hey are the exact same songs as Sivaji, Kamal sports another get-up to avoid questions. Dhanush’s ‘Parattai’ gets released alongside Cheran’s ‘Mayakannadi’ both become damp squibs at the box-office. Suriya claims Gautham Menon is the best director, only to change his mind after seeing that Gautham has turned into Perarasu beating up random people in the film. Speaking of Perarasu he announces his next film with Vikram called ‘Paramakudi’ with Ileana in the lead role and himself in an Item Number titled, ‘Superman’.


Sivaji’s release is delayed as Shankar claims, they still haven’t shot 50 percent of the film, despite Shriya’s claims that the film finished last year. Dasavatharam, however is released where one Kamal each is paired with, Asin, Mallika Sherawat and Jayaprada. The other Kamals are paired with each other. Kamal therefore becomes the talk of the town. Vaaranam Aayiram flops becoming Gautham’s debut flop. And on a good note………finally, Vivek’s Solli Adipen releases but also flops.


Ajith’s Kireedam becomes a blockbuster at the box-office because Rajkiran has gone one step further in terms of village acting, he sports only a small sheet of paper to cover his *****. This becomes the new style of the town and Gana Ulaganathan sings a song on it. Bharath’s Koodal Nagar and Killadi releases on the same day with Koodal Nagar becoming a hit. Madhavan’s Arya finally releases, speaking of Madhavan despite the several projects he has signed in Tamil, none release but he
Becomes the star of Bollywood acting in 20 films in a guest role.


Rajiv Menon announces his next film, it will be called ‘Sangeetham’ it will star Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Isha Koppikar, Madhavan, Mamooty, Kamal Haasan, Ajith Kumar, Surya and Vikram but he cancels it the next day. Shankar saves Vijay by announcing a film called ‘WORLD’ starring him in 7 roles, then he remembers it’s Vijay and changes the actor to Vishal, who wants to ghost-direct the film. Mani Ratnam announces his next Tamil fim, titled , ‘Eelam’ starring, ‘you guessed it’ Madhavan, Meera Suryah (Meera Jasmine’s new name after her marriage with SJ Suryah) with Arvind Swamy in a guest role. Billa starring Ajith is coming on well, with Vishnuvardhan saying he’s watched the original 7000 times, 6800 more than when he commented last time.

Stay tuned for the second half later…

At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prin, get yourself a blog. Its free. It's easy. Once or twice you hijacking BB's blog was kindly tolerated. BB still seems to be tolerating you. But, on behalf of countless fans of this site, I can tell you this is getting annoying. You posting the same lengthy stuff all over a COMMENTS space. Get a Life, man! Or better still, get a blogspot :-)

At 7:18 AM, Blogger vICkNeS said...

The wedding scene in pudhupethai...when dhanush suddenly tie the thali around sonia's neck instead of handing it to the seen a "thali kathere" scene like that before in tamil movies...

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Balaji post Prin's work up, its hilarious. Be a sport!

Jasmine, Vancouver

At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balaji, thought you might find this interesting. Not sure if you have already seen this, but in the rediff "spotted!" photos section there is a photo of Rajni on a flight :-)

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo also gives the impression that the earlier photo you posted with his shaven head and mush for the climax scene might be genuine

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prin, what you have babbled on and on is plain silly - believe me, its neither interesting, nor funny but plain annoying. And that too, to post it on a comments section of Balaji's blog is atrocious.

Balaji, as is usual, a good collection of memorable scenes!

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The passport kilichified scene from the movie kokki. (the entire movie was nice though).

That seetha's outburst scene from parijatham as someone mentioned above.

Prakashraj's reaction scene when he sees his daughter. & kamal telling jo that his wifey was 5 month's preggers wehn she died and that he will be agood father for maya blah blah blah... the look on her face, very nice.

pasupathy asking E to kill him and saying how he's gonna miss everyone else and puts on his hat and red shawl asks him to shoot and tells him to give him a second and then tells him to shoot for real. =(

when tamana kills her own bro cuz she wanted ravi krishna in Kedi. (what the hell?).. the scene shocked me, i mean who the hell would wanna do that for a moonji like that? but anyways.. yeah =P


p.s- ram, few of the ones you mentioned, enna padam endre theriyaathupa... peyar sollirukalaamle?

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prin, please carry on. Get a blog. Start a petition. LMAO

PRin I am waiting for 2nd part

Rahul, Ottawa

At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

merino, here u go:

"manna maamanna...nee oru mama manna!" - 23rd pulikesi

"enaku coffee poattu kudukara enge appa enaku ipo venum" - chithiram pesudhadee

the gun training scene u mentioned - pattiyal

the moment where shreya reddy hugs pasupathy in a tenderly affectionate way as she gives him an oil bath - veiyyil

nanda's outburst to manivannan and his subsequent apology in front of his crew - kodambakkam

bhagyaraj mistaking a son-papdi vendor for a kovil mani! (typical Bhagyaraj brand of humor!) - parijatham

"I hate violence against women even if its not my jurisdiction! So, I have invited myself to this party, my friend!" (kamal, unge english pesara style-ey thanee sir!) = VETTAIYAADU VILAIYAADU

At 10:33 PM, Blogger -Rathi- said...

like what Ram said,yeah there are many dialogues n scenes from VV that had impressed me.

The dialogue he addition when Kamal wants to break through the gate ignoring the NO TRESPASSING sign,he'll say "back home,they call it Raghavan Instinct"
And when Raghavan and Anderson break into Amuthan's room,Kamal will say "we normally do this in India" and the look on Anderson's face. mixture of surprised and wow.

Manna? Enna? - Pulikesi.
The scene where Mannar will try to break apart fruits placed on each kavalan's head. each of his arrows will lead everywhere but the exact target.

there are more than one scene to mention in EM-Magan. the scene where Sharanyah and Bharath comes back from her village and straight to the temple is hillarious. funny till maximum.

Ram,we seem to have some commons. me too liked the gun practising scene from Pattiyal. The look on Arya's face when Bharath kept on shooting those bottles was outrageous.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger srivatsan said...

Best of em all.. Pulikesi..

**Amaichare...Karadi thane Adhu...**

At 11:12 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

ram, among the ones u mentioned, the 'veyyil' scene is probably the only 1 i'd disagree with. i felt it was too sentimental and awkward...

prin, please post full articles like this(which r not related to the post) in a different forum. Maybe ur own blog? u seem to have a few fans here who enjoyed ur article and so ur blog would have good readership.

vicknes, yeah i mentioned in the review too that 'pudhuppettai' might be the first tamil film without a traditional romance! both dhanush and sonia behave so differently from heroes and heroines we're used to.

vijay, yep did see it. and those were my exact thots too after seeing his beard.

At 1:24 AM, Blogger Rajesh Thiagarajan said...

My list

Chitiram Pesudhadhi suprise.

"Software ah....naan ah.. naan hardware, police" - VV

"I am 18th Edward(or something)....we are 23rd Pulikesi..."



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