Monday, April 10, 2006

Coming Soon - Tirupathi

Typically, the second film is the most important film for someone entering the cinema field, whether he is an actor or a director. By that standard, Tirupathi is an important film for Ajith since it will be his second film after his much-heralded comeback. With Paramasivan, the more serious, much-thinner actor proved that he still mattered at the box-office. Tirupathi, where he plays the owner of a sound service station, will show us if he is here to stay.

He has certainly teamed up with the right director in his attempt to notch up another hit. With two hits, Tiruppaachi and Sivakasi, under his belt, director Perarasu is apparently the hottest commercial director around (Dharani’s absence and K.S.Ravikumar’s lean patch probably helped!). The two films have helped him quickly gain the image of a director who knows the pulse of the viewer. In what is now his calling card, he has named his third movie after a place too. So he is expected to deliver another fast-paced, racy masala entertainer with the right mix of action, comedy and sentiments. And when done right, that kind of a film always works at the BO.

The gradually increasing amount of time Perarasu is showing up before the camera can probably be construed as a sign of his increasing confidence. While he stayed behind the camera in Tiruppaachi, he showed up in a single scene, completely wooden, singing Vijay’s praises in Sivakasi. In Tirupathi, he is supposed to have a longer role as an auto driver (Is this going to end with him taking on the mantle of hero? Then S.J.Surya would no longer be the worst-looking director-turned-actor around :-)

Sadha, who has probably the most-punned name in Tamil cinema, pairs up with Ajith for the first time in Tirupathi. She’s been quite lucky so far with hits like Jayam and Anniyan and Ajith must be hoping that she proves to be lucky for him too. Bharadwaj has tried hard to do a Vidyasagar with songs that are big on beats and small on melody. Can’t say he has been too successful since none of the songs made much of an impression on the first listen.

Ajith has always been considered the ‘king of opening’ and his teaming up with Perarasu has led to brisk advance ticket sales for Tirupathi. With no other biggies releasing for Tamil New Year’s day, the lack of competition would help too. So the signs are positive for the movie hitting the bull’s eye at the box-office. Let’s wait and watch…


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thirupathi AVM-a mottai adikaama irundhaa seri

Pacha Kuthirai Parthiban kaala vaarividaama irundhaa seri

ThagappanSaamy Prashanth-a Soagappan Samy-a irukkama irundha seri

Thiruttu Payale Susi Ganesan-a Vetti Payale aakaama irundha seri

AIBI Cheran-a Kadangaaran Varaan Bayamaa Irukkiradhu-nu solla vekaama irundha seri

Perarasu Gaptain-ku Perazhivu aagama irundha seri...


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Kaps said...

lack of competition will not help an inferior product. i doubt whether thiruppathi will succeed. people seem to be concentrating on the political drama which is providing lot of fun, that too at no cost.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Balaji said...

ram, LOL. very creative. esp. like the cheran line :)

kaps, many people say it was only lack of competition that helped 'paramasivan'(since 'aadhi' and 'saravanaa' performed so badly). so maybe it does help :)

and i've read about movies not getting released since people r busy with elections. but not sure how true that is. i dont think people r going to avoid spending 3 hrs at a theater just cos the pre-election stuff is so interesting :)

At 1:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unga patience level ey thani dhaan. How do you manage to watch these movies!!!

At 8:33 AM, Blogger rajesh said...

paramasivan was good????? :O :O

Thaaanga mudiiila..
Ajith looked horrible..
Laila was clumsy..
Prakashraj,as usual over-acted..

I hope this movie bombs and ajith quits.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger mitr_bayarea said...


Read that a case has been filed against the release of Tirupathi. Looks like K.A.K Films, a production company had earlier sought permission in 2004 to shoot for a film titled Tirupathi. In 2005, again the film was re-registered under the same title, but under AVM Productions and director Perarasu. Hence, a petition has been filed objecting to AVM's plgiarizing a title that has already been registered. So, will Tirupathi hit the screens as planned???

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Balaji said...

ferrari, innum paakkave illa. adhukkulla ipdi sollitiye :) but never know. might turn out to be good :)

raapi, i thot i was OK since it was kinda campy(like a mgr/jaishankar film of the 70s). but the majority shared ur opinion. my point was that it became a hit inspite of that probably because of lack of competition.

mitr, didnt know about this case. but they're probably looking for publicity/money since the movie's been called 'tirupathi' ever since it was launched and they're just bringing it up now. they probably wanna squeeze some money out of AVM by bringing it up just before the release. so i think avm will just pay up and get it released on time :)

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mitr, I thought Vijay's dad had this title registered. And magnanimously gave it up when Perarasu requested it, even though it was arch-rival Ajith's film. And there was a lot of media coverage about the Vijay-Ajith patch up.

Padam ozunga edukkaraangalo illaiyo, padam odutho illaiyo, indha bandhavukku onnum korachal illai.

And indha stories ellam padikka, ennai madhiri pathu vetti pasanga vera ...


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