Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quantum of Solace Trailer

The Bond franchise was re-invented with 2006's Casino Royale. The series became increasingly silly and over-the-top towards the end of Roger Moore's tenure and though Pierce Brosnan brought back some respectability starting with Golden Eye(which at that time was considered a comeback for Bond), it was essentially more of the same but just done with more style and dignity. But Casino Royale gave the series a completely fresh start in quite the same way that Batman Begins restarted the Batman series. It gave us an early look at Bond from before he earned his 00 status, banked on Q for his gadgets and flirted with Moneypenny. It showed him as human as he fell in love and was battered and bruised in fights with the bad guys. The stunts too more grounded in reality and as a result, more thrilling. Daniel Craig, inspite of earlier misgivings, made a fine Bond and brought a lot of intensity to the role.

The second film with this 'new' Bond(Bond 22 for those keeping count) is Quantum of Solace and is being released this November. I remember the earlier Bond movies as independent episodes inspite of the characters common to all films(Bond, M, Q, etc.) and the appearance of a few other characters(Jaws, Blofield, etc.) in more than one movie. The stories in each were divorced from one another. But Quantum of Solace appears to start off exactly where Casino Royale left off - with Bond meeting Mr.White. Revenge(for Vesper Lynd) seems to be a big element of the film and it looks like he has M herself, apart from other bad guys, after him.

Looking forward to this one...


At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me Casino Royale was a below par Bond movie... I go to a bond movie for some gadgetry stuff, fights and special effects... But more importantly for the style, cheeky dialogues and an unmistakable charisma (totally british style of movie making)...

In contrast, Casino Royale was brash, totally tilted towards action... Devoid of the stylishness and was an out and out crass american style movie. I can watch a thousand other american movies that will offer me similar action. There was no Bond in CR.

To me Sean Connery was Numero Uno Bond. A very close second in Pierce. The rest are junk. The latest is not even a Bond IMHO.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

krishna, actually i go to a bond movie for that too. problem was that the films got too over-the-top and became pretty much comicbooks. but i thot those other things - style, cheeky dialogs and charisma - were there in 'casino royale' too. i enjoyed the verbal wordplay between craig and green. thot it was more intelligent than the cheesy dialogs between earlier bonds and their heroines :)


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