Wednesday, October 12, 2005

iPod Video

[Pic Courtesy Apple]

So it turned out to be the iPod video after all. Everyone knew something big was coming at the Apple conference today. Guesses ranged from an iPod capable of video to new iMacs and Powerbooks. The latter guesses gained credibility since the iPod Nano complaints led people to think that the video iPod wouldn't be released until those issues were cleared.

But the video iPod was launched today. It plays 150 hours of video. It is similar to the old iPod but naturally has a bigger screen and video output to connect to a TV for viewing photos and videos. It comes in 30G($299) and 60G($399) versions.

iTunes has also been upgraded to v6.0 to support video downloads. There are about 2000 of then and they're gonna cost $1.99 each. Pixar is supposed to have some short films and Disney and ABC are offering few of their TV shows on the iTunes store. v6.0 is also supposed to have features like 'gifting', reviews and recommendations.

While I'm salivating over the video iPod from a new, cool gadget point-of-view, I'll admit to not being able to imagine a whole lot of situations where I can use it if I do lay my hands on one. The only times I use my iPod mini are during work or at the gym, both places where watching videos would be kinda hard :) So, for now, I'm happy window shopping at the Apple store and reading about how many millions of these video iPods Apple is gonna ship!


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. thats big news. Thanks..

60G at one's palm.. incredible technology. I think there will be a big market for it.. i can imagine the passengers in long distance travel, kids on the backseat, et al. using it..

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ipodu-naa "aiyya paadu" nu nenachen...paatu mattum illaama...ipo video-um undaa...
dey steebaa, nee nadathu...

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