Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Favorite Rajni Song Sequences - 4

Vettri Nichayam... - Annamalai

This rags-to-riches song gives us what we've been waiting for in the movie - Rajni becoming rich and taking revenge on Sarathbabu - and does so in crowd-pleasing(and ofcourse, fan-pleasing!) fashion. The song has great, inspirational lyrics and SPB sings it with a lot of energy and passion, making the sequence even more effective. While the first para features Rajni's growth, the best part of the song starts when the older, richer Rajni steps out of the car. The transformation from simple, naieve, fun-loving milkman to serious, driven businessman is evident right from that first moment. He oozes style as he strides in those suits and sunglasses, a cigar clamped between his lips. The scene where he stands casually while the press rushes from Sarathbabu to him and the one where he takes the cigar out before adjusting his tie are just pure style.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Prasanna said...

hi Balaji...happy b'day to the one and onyl superstar who has been entertaining all of us for the last 32 awesome list this has been in ur blog...i thought this one wld figure at the top of the list. Anyway since this is @ no. 4 , the foll wld be my guesses for the top 3

3. Raku Muthu Raku
2. Athiradee or Style
1. Raakama or Kattu Kuyile

Lets see hw my guesses are


At 8:37 PM, Blogger narayanan said...

little surprising to find Vetri Nichayam at 4th. I was thinking this was a candidate for the top spot. Am thinking of 'Basha Paaru'


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