Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Favorite Rajni Song Sequences - 7

Azhagu Azhagu... - Baasha

For an actor's fans, it is always nice to see their idol in different get-ups. With Rajni not altering his looks for the hero's role, it is only in the song sequences that one gets to see him in different guises. Director Suresh Krissna exploits this fully in this number, that sees Rajni in many get-ups under the premise that Nagma imagines him in those roles. The rowdy and traffic constable guises are particularly fun but the loudest cheers - and goosebumps - are ofcourse reserved for his appearance as a conductor, a delicious nod to his earlier profession. The scene where he twirls his glasses before wearing them, steps out of the car and walks with Nagma with his trademark fast gait is another pure 'Rajni moment'. Vairamuthu too goes all out in cheering for the Superstar as he writes Nee nadandhaal nadai azhagu; nee sirithaal sirippazhagu; nee pesum thamizh azhagu; nee oruvan dhaan azhagu...


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