Saturday, November 05, 2005


My laptop crashed last Wednesday and I heard from IT yesterday that there wasn't much hope of retrieving the data on its hard disk. Didn't affect my work too much since I had little work-related stuff on there. But I did lose my collection of reviews(over the last 2 years) and templates used on bbreviews. Sure they are online but as of now I don't think geocities provides any easy way of downloading multiple files from its site. If any other geocities users know of a way, tips for the same would be greatly appreciated :-)

Of more immediate concern, I did lose the reviews of Mazhai and Kundakka Mandakka before I had a chance to upload them to the site. Hence the lack of updates yesterday. Add to that reviews for a couple of movies(Majaa, Kichaa Vayasu 16) I plan to see this week and there should hopefully be a pretty big update to bbreviews next Friday.


At 3:53 PM, Blogger Rama said...

thats a real bad news for us BB :(

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Saravan said...

For downloading files from geocities use wget

if u r unix junkie then try
what unix #@^$#^#%$#% i am a great windows user then try

The following command shud download all the files from ur geocities account
wget -xr

STATUARY WARNING: I tried to download ur files but your geocities bandwidth got exceeded. So use judiciously. I recommend to read the following documentation before running the command.

Also check the folder size occassionally, u may end up filling up the hard disk if u give wrong paramaeters to wget

For your info i have downloaded 574 files from 15 folders of total size 3MB.

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious..
How could you watch and review all latest movies when they are not released in your area ? Are those legal print releases ?

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon, theriyaadha ungalukku?! aiyyaho...
BB and I have actually tied up with ParamaVetti Pictures, a sister concern of Paramount Pictures. We are the official distributors of Tamil movies in the US and Minor OutLYING Islands ! BB takes care of the Bay Area...I take care of lying part ;)

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Balaji said...

rama, nice of u to say that :)

saravan, wow. thats a real cool tip. thanx! will read up the doc at that link and try it out...

anon, the 'big' movies('sivakasi', 'ghajini', 'anniyan', 'CM', 'ME' to name a few recent ones) get released here in the bay area. for other movies the official vcds from singapore are usually available for rent in stores here...

ram, paramavetti... LOL

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try backup for your precious work from now on.

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have stored nearly all of your reviews in text files and word documents. I suppose you only have to rework on the CSS part. If you want those files in a single document instead of loading each and every page let me know.

BTW, I generally used Knoppix Linux to recover data from bad drives that even Windows gives up. Have u tried that? I've been able to retrieve data from drives that have only 50 percent chance of retrieval from windows :)


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