Thursday, September 14, 2006

After the Wedding...

So Tamil cinema’s Wedding of the Year is finally over. From the photo albums, it was certainly a grand affair and was very well attended by the film fraternity. Surya looked smart, Jo was radiant and they made a great pair.

Some big names were absent from the wedding and were immediately noticed. Rumors started rather quickly about the reasons their absence but subsequent events have put many of those rumors to rest. Trisha couldn’t make it since she had to complete shooting for Chiranjeevi’s Stalin. Simbhu’s absence was attributed to atleast two reasons. One was his fancying Jyothika (he has openly expressed admiration for her and called her his favorite heroine on more than one occasion) and the other was his expression of support for Nayanthara, who was not invited. But he was apparently on the guest list for the newly-married couple’s party to friends at Dublin in Park Sheraton on September 12. There ends that mystery! Vikram didn’t make it either and no explanation so far as to why (he did make it to Arunkumar's engagement though!).

While the above absences were mentioned in all reports, I don’t think S.J.Suryah’s absence was mentioned. Since he was the director who first introduced Jo to Tamil cinema (in Vaali) and then made her a top heroine (through Kushi), I would’ve thought he would’ve been there. Wonder if his image had something to do with it.

This time the post-wedding blues are for Jo’s fans. At the press meet the day after the wedding, Surya and Jo announced that she wouldn’t be acting any more since they wanted to start a family. Talk about mixed emotions! I’m not sure if I’m happy for the couple or sad about Jo quitting films.

As I’ve mentioned a number of times before, Jo has definitely been growing as an actress. From the overacting, irritating girl in Kushi to the cute and bubbly heroine of 12B to the beautiful and mature woman in Kaakka Kaakka, she has come a long way (and those RmKV saree ads are enough proof that she’s become more beautiful too!). She’s had her share of big hits and has written her name into the history books, having headlined Tamil cinema’s biggest hit ever. She’ll definitely be missed… Atleast there’s still Silandhi and Mozhi, both with good directors, to look forward to for us fans.

As the couple gets ready to go to Europe for their honeymoon, here’s wishing them a happy married life…


At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few things that I noted and worth mentioning here is definitely that I am very happy for Jothika. I happened to catch a glimpse of the press conference video at and found that if you didn't know the first thing about Jo & Surya or even who they were.. you would have been floored by the way Surya spoke to the press in this particular instance. My first thought, "Who wouldn't fall for a good-looking polished person like him?".. In the last 2 to 3 years, I have gained a lot of respect for Surya as a person (for his dedication to many NP0s in Chennai) and as a well-rounded actor. Sivakumar has done a fine job in raising a good son and a wonderous actor, whose potential we have yet to see, actually. Jo, you are one lucky woman. Be happy!

About Vikram.. I still suspect the only reasoning behind excluding him in the guest list would have been Surya's strong feeling that he was taking advantage of Jothika when she was going through a bad patch with Surya a little while back. Maybe there is some "Pithamagan" bad blood that spilled over to this event, that we are not aware of.

Balaji, did you notice that Vanitha Vijayakumar was not at Arunkumar's engagement? I saw Kavitha, Preetha and Sridevi and what looked like one of their cousins.. but Vanitha wasn't there (Vanitha is the plumpiest of them!). Her separation from her husband, Aakash (who plays Santhosh in Sun TV's "Lakshmi") must have not gone down well with the Vijayakumars. It appears that Vanitha is a major vaasthu and horoscope expert and her husband didn't like her practicing her strenghts much (for whatever reason!). Still don't get why she didn't make it to her brother's engagement.

Back to Jo.. Have a great life, girl. If you stay fit and look as great as you do now.. maybe you can become the Kajol of Tamil Cinema and we will be waiting here to welcome you back, after your first child. Have a grand honeymoon and a grand life ahead with Surya. Surely, we will sigh every time we see you two together at wedding functions and award ceremonies (the way we do with Ajeeth and Shalini!), but that's okay. That's just us! :-)

At 12:36 AM, Blogger Kaps said...

This was very much expected. Most of the heroine's quit acting after the wedding.
BTW, this article might interest you:

At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Engirundhaalum Vaazhge!

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Munimma said...

I too heard rumors of Vikram trying to put some breaks in their relationship. Was it around dhool time or just after that, I don't remember!

Sivakumar was always considered a gentleman in the field, so no surprises that he has level-headed kid(s).

Good pair. Sigh!

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rekhs, you've to fill us in on the kenny-jo-suriya part...any info for us?!

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does Vikram gain by breaking their relationship? something missing here.

As an actress I wont miss Jyothika much. Certainly one of the weaker "numero uno"s we have seen in recent times. In the looks department Simran was and currently Asin is much better.

Anyways, this match provided for some time pass these past few days.

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ram my lips r zipped:)))
sandhya...give some credit to mrs SK ma..
SK was hardly there when the kids were raised..the formative yrs..he was bz being the bread winner:)
I think SHE has done AN AWESOME job with all her 3 kids..
we can however gv SK the credit for choosing "lakshmi ma" as his spouse:)
i still think Jo shdnt hv worn pink but some thing more traditional...she is a dazzler anyways...

vijay so true na beauty in eye of beholder and mind of beholden!!!:)

u really have a grt way with words
... and i look fwd to reading ur thots night and day!...veyyil audio????

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Vidya said...

Sigh :(.. Surya is married... :( ... N e ways.. I wish them well too... :)

At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rekhs, pink or red or yellow, jo is the person we all follow!

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rekhs, u have to tell the whole story....u can't just say soething and not explain it fully........i'm talking about the vikram taking advantage of jyothika issue...more details please

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon, rekhs never said something only to not explain it fully. i was just joking with her coz she knows the celebs...all in jest.
dun wanna put rekhs in a spot!

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry........i meant to say sandya.....not rekhs....what exactly did u mean about vikram taking advantage of jo?

At 2:18 AM, Blogger Bart said...

If I remember right, the Vikram-Jo fiasco happened during the shoot of "Arul" when simultaneously "Peralagan" shoot was in progress. Whatsoever it was..
Off topic: Checkout Murugadoss's interview in Its extremely impressive to see the guy'z confidence. The peak being, "Any long-term plans?

Ans: My ultimate aim is to make a movie in English, with Hollywood stars. I know it will take some time, but I am sure I will do it. My work in the Tamil and Telugu film industries is the journey. My Hollywood film will be the climax!"
Hope and wish this comes true..

At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, he can probably remake his Memento ripoff back in English :-)

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, Rekhs.. I'm not taking any credit away from Mrs.SK, just because I'm giving Mr.SK a lot of credit for the way Surya turned out. Not to get sentimental or give any psychological twist to the issue, I have seen what an important role a father plays in a son's life (within my own close circle of relatives and friends) and I don't wish to discount the credit that SK truly deserves for the way his son turned out. Being a mom myself and one who has chosen to be a "domestic engineer" for the sake of my 4 year old.. I, more than anybody, can understand and admire Mrs. SK's remarkable contribution.

Now to the matter at hand and anonymous' dying query about the Surya-Jothika-Vikram issue. Please read what I wrote once again "Surya felt that Vikram was taking advantage of Jo".. Bart may be right as to the timing of this incident, but to clarify.. The report that I read at during that timeframe was that Surya was feeling very insecure that Jo found Vikram's shoulder to cry on. From what I have read before and what I know now, Vikram has a lot of friends in the industry who confide in him (as friends often do!), but since Surya and Jothika had some friction during this time, Jo felt a lot of pressure and ended up confiding in Vikram. From Surya's perspective, it only seemed that Vikram was taking advantage of Jothika's weak emotional moment.

I spent over a half-an-hour yesterday trying to dig up this very old article and didn't have any luck at, but also went through with a fine tooth comb (considering that is the only website with extensive archives).. still no luck. The only thing I have in my favor is my vivid memory! :-)

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... is a cheap e-tabloid, which you can read for your amusement once in a while. I wouldnt put too much trust in their stories,especially if isnt corroborated by other e-magazines

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Bart said...

Sandya, here are the links u searched for:
took me arnd 10 mins as I searched in the right time period :)

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

vikram is not invited-Surya says in that it is not intentional.He also says that they invited Vikram and his family personally for his sister's wedding and they didn't come or bothered to call.

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Whats these things being posted about Vikram.

Seems his ego is hitting his top of the head.

And if these accusations about him are true then he is just becoming another typical film actor.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Priya_Dey said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shalini:jobless people!
what bothers on who marries whom. focus on your life!

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ppl...its been 2years since dey both married .HAPPY FA 'EM..!!
N nobody eva dare to talk bad bout joe she s perfect in all aspect unlik yu guys..N SHE S NO LESS DEN SURYA EVA..!!he made his life outta her .. dats de truth!

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Raj said...

i accept the above post.
jo got into the field and had many hits right from the start of her carrier. its not the same for surya, he took lot of time to come up and jo waited for him. surya should be lucky

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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