Monday, June 13, 2005


Guest post by Kavya Balaji

[Pic Courtesy IMDb]

Karthik's just a week old and he's done 2 guest blogs already! So I felt I should have my share of posts too. My dad took me to see Madagascar yesterday with two of my friends(and their parents) from my preschool. Since it is a children's movie, I felt this was my chance to do a post. So here's what I thought about it.

A zebra in the New York zoo feels lonely and so wants to go out to the wild. It tries to escape once but fails. But the zoo officials decide to release all the animals anyway and along with its friends, a lion, a giraffe and a hippo, the zebra is shipped to Kenya in a crate on a ship. But some penguins hijack the ship, causing the crates to fall into the sea. So all four animals are washed up in Madagascar, which is inhabited by lemurs.

Movies with animals are the best and this movie has lots of them. And since I've been to the zoo,I could even follow what was happening. Like Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King, the lion here is not scary and does a lot of funny things. The actions of all the animals were funny and I laughed most in the scene where the lion and the zebra run towards each other on the beach. I didn't like the lemurs too much except for the small one which was very cute. Those scenes made me quite restless. Like in The Lion King, the jackals are bad in this one too. So I could understand who was good and bad and clapped when the jackals ran away.

Though I couldn't understand why, my dad laughed a few times when the animals were talking. So I guess the movie offers some humor for adults too. Towards the end, I think the lion turns violent because it is hungry and wants to eat the zebra, which is its friend. But my dad covered that up since I am quite sensitive and made up his own story. So I was happy for the full movie.

Overall, the movie was very colorful with lots of action. So it held my attention the whole time(even after I finished the popcorn). It gets two thumbs up from me.


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Orange Fronkey said...

*sings* "I like to move it move it... you like to move it move it... she likes to move it move it... he likes to move it move it"

Wasnt that movie cute????

My friend nad I were the only one in the theaters watching it at that time adn we were laughing so hard.

Definitely getting it on DVD when it comes out :)

At 5:56 AM, Blogger IBH said...

off-post...u have been tagged..check my blog..

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Kavya.. Liked your "Kutti Anniyan" pose.. Did you propose that idea or is it ur dad's? I know the answer... I am gonna watch this one with my wife this weekend..

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hii Kavya, Welcome to cyber space...though I am sure you grinned, with equal doses of pride and goofiness, when you saw your Kutti Anniyan photo earlier...your post was really and your bro are going to give your old man a run for his money...!! keep up the good work and look fwd to seeing more posts from u...!

At 11:49 AM, Blogger IBH said...

Kavya, ask appa to read this ok! ;)now coming back to the topic ;) we watched Madagascar and it was awesome! but there are some glitches in selection of voice...I didnt like David Shwimmer's voice for wuld have been better if it was the likes of :
1.George Lopez ( defly wuld have been a good blend with Chris Rock and Ben Stiller)
2.Wld have been great if Arnie had given it ;) (just patting my wild imagination for a run! ;))

I loved the song 'I Like to Move it..." It took almost 3 days for me to come out of that mental block by this song! ;))

and tell appa he shuld watch "Mr and Mrs. Smith" ok...tata kuttie!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

merino, yes defly a cute movie. but my dad didnt like it as much as say shrek or finding nemo. not sure if he'll buy this one. but then again, itll be me who decides that :)

gp, am sure u'll enjoy it :)

ram, thanx!

ibh, yeah schwimmer's voice was too bland.
given a chance, i'd go with eddie murphy for any role. after mulan and shrek, i think he's amazing in giving voices for cartoon characters.
dad really wants to watch mr&mrs smith too. but since mom probably can't move too much the next couple of weeks atleast, he'll probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD :-(


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