Friday, May 27, 2005


[Pic Courtesy TamilCinema]

This very obvious take on Jothika's climactic dance in Chandramukhi occurs in Englishkaran, Satyaraj's next collaboration with Shakti Chidambaram, the director of his Mahanadigan. Tamilcinema talks about Jo calling up Satyaraj and laughing about the stills, which have appeared in many magazines. Looks like the lady has a good sense of humor too! Opportunities for a very funny spoof on the dance are obviously enormous. Hope Shakti Chidambaram and Satyaraj don't overdo it.

The article also mentions[tamil font required] another hitherto unheard tidbit about CM. The origins of the Lakalakalaka... bit were apparently in Nepal, where the phrase is uttered to drive away ghosts that have possessed people. Uttering Lakalakalaka... is supposed to invoke 'bigger' ghosts that will drive away the 'smaller' ghosts that have possessed those people. Rajni came across a group uttering that when he was in Nepal and after learning the meaning behind the tradition, decided to incorporate it into CM.


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sariyana nakkal party-pa Satyaraju..

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