Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First No More!

My hopes of seeing Chandramukhi first day, first show have been dashed since IMC6 now has scheduled 2 more shows prior to the Apr 14, 8pm show that I have tickets for! According to the website, 1146 tickets have already been sold and so more shows have been added to meet the demand. So there is now a preview show on April 13 @ 8pm and then another show on Apr 14 at 6.30pm. But on the positive side (there is always a silver lining!), with prints already dispatched worldwide and two preceding shows, the chance for the potti varalai scenario at my show are pretty slim!

But the San Jose vs Fremont battle is still on. As a commentor mentioned on the previous post, preview shows for Mumbai Express have also been scheduled. Locally, NAZ8 in Fremont now has shows on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm. But Tamilpadam.com lists preview shows today(that has got to be the earliest show anywhere in the world!) and tomorrow at NAZ8 cinemas in Lakewood, CA.


At 5:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how was the movie? There are mixed reports from Chennai.


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