Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good Honeymoon, Bad Ending

The worst part of any honeymoon is its ending. Thats the case with James Patterson's book of the same case too! It revolves around a black widow, a woman who has already killed a husband and is now targetting two more men, and the FBI agent out to expose her by posing as an insurance agent.

For the most part, the book is an interesting read. The agent's portions are in first person while the heroine's portions are in third person. So we know whats going on in both their minds and there are places where this helps in raising the tension. The short chapters almost always make you turn the page to the next and the main characters are interesting and a good match. But the ending is a big letdown. There is no big climax and even worse, no real surprising twists. A second storyline, which took up quite a few pages till then and is built up as though it is important, is tossed aside almost as an afterthought. There is no real sense of closure and we feel as if a few more chapters were left out during printing!


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