Saturday, March 12, 2005

Photos and Music on your TV...

[Pic Courtesy Linksys]

I recently set up the Wireless Digital Media Adapter from Linksys at home. Its a cool little product that lets you play the MP3s and photos on your computer on the TV.

After a little setup on the computer, the unit connects to your TV through RCA composite audio/video or S-Video. Since the RCA composite audio/video on my TV is already connected to my DVD player and my 10-yr old TV does not have S-Video, I had to connect it through my VCR. Setup was relatively simple (I already have a wireless network in my house) and it was up and running in about half hour. A simple menu allows you to navigate your designated folders to select the photos or music to load. So I now hear all the music on my computer in the living room without having to burn CDs to play in my music system. And I no longer have to crowd people around my computer to show off the latest photos! I just put them on slideshow on the TV (with the latest MP3 in the background!). Cool huh?!