Friday, March 25, 2005

Erin's fired!

Yesterday's episode of The Apprentice once again reminded me why I love this show so much! The tasks the two teams chose weren't exactly even but the team that I thought would lose initially(Magna, with its toy chest), ended up winning handily. Their prize was pretty cool too as they went up in a plane and experienced weightlessness at 0 gravity!

The pretty, forthright and flirtatious Erin seemed to be in a good spot as she returned to the boardroom with Chris and Angie. Chris' hotheadedness and Angie's poor management skills appeared to give Erin a way out of the boardroom once more. She started off well too, laying out Chris' weaknesses clearly. But she shot herself in the foot with the comment on whether Trump had to listen to Caroline and George. That one comment turned the tide against her completely as an irritated Trump, with full support of George and Caroline, uttered the words "Erin, you're fired!"

At this point my pick is Alex. He's quiet, dignified and does what's been given to him well enough. Lets see how far he goes...