Monday, March 14, 2005

Cho Chweet!

Pic Courtesy IMDB

Chalk this one up to minor sacrifices I make for my kid! With movies like Hostage, Constantine and Be Cool running, yesterday found me in a theater showing Pooh's Heffalump Movie! It was just me and my daughter as my wife cleverly talked me into buying her a ticket for Hitch, which was running on another screen in the same theater. As expected, it was not a very exciting time for me as Pooh and his friends tried to catch this elephant Heffalump and in the process learned about sticking together and not prejudging anybody.

It was certainly a big event since it was my kid's first big screen movie (she has seen a few minutes of The Incredibles on the big screen but more on that in a different blog!). This movie lasted about an hour, just the right length to hold the interest of a 3 1/2 year old (the popcorn helped too!). It is cute, doesn't have many slow scenes and has absolutely nothing scary or loud though the sight of the crying Heffalump did make my very sensitive little girl a bit sad.

For me personally, it was not a very exciting hour at the movies but the sight of seeing her laugh at Pooh falling into his pot of honey and Tigger and Rabbit running around with a log of wood stuck to them, made it all worth it!