Thursday, June 18, 2009

Muthirai Audio

Azhagaana Neeyum...'s start reminds us of the tune of the stanzas in Aan Paavam's Kaadhal Mayakkam... but the similarity ends soon enough, leaving us with a soft, pleasant duet. Naresh Iyer and Manjari Phadnis are an unusual pairing but his stressed pronunciation and her smooth voice suit the song perfectly. July Maadhathil... is like a Harris Jayaraj number - instantly likeable with a catchy tune and simple orchestration. Considering the film comes off as an urban thriller, the folksy Nenjukkulle... comes as a little surprise. The Mangalyam Thandhunaanenaa... bits add a little bit of difference but the rather short song is otherwise very ordinary. The Night is Still Young... is a youthful, groovy number that makes us instantly conjure up images of DJs and strobe lights in our minds. The stronger orchestration, heavier beats and slightly faster pace make the remix even better. Neha Bhasin sounds fabulous, whether she's singing or simply humming, in Om Shanti Om.... The song has good tempo throughout and the Om Shanti Om... refrain is smooth and catchy. Its remix doesn't sound much different though. Uyire Uyire... is a regular romantic number. Javed Ali kills Tamil a bit but then seems to sound better once Madhumita starts singing.

Yuvan has become quite prolific these days, churning out atleast one album a month. Muthirai is another in what has become his trademark these days - a good album overall with more hits than misses but without any numbers that could've elevated it to a 'must-listen' category.


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you mean "kAdhal mayakkam" from pudhumaip peN?

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

zero, long time no see! and yes, that's the song. not sure what made me think of the pandiyan-seetha song from 'aanpaavam' :)


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