Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Chances Please - II

The situation of our actors is not as bad as it is for our actresses. Even the ones who make us wince with their debut seem to get more opportunities to try their luck (though it is true that many of these actors continue to act because of their filmi connections, there are others who have shown up in more than a few movies inspite of unimpressive debuts and no apparent filmi links). And we've had actors who stuck around for a long time with few hits to their name before striking it rich and making it to the top(Vikram would be the most obvious example though Surya would kinda fit that definition too).

But inspite of such differences, there are a few actors who I feel haven't gotten all that they deserved. Here are 4 of them...

Though I can't pick out any particular area where Shaam excels when compared to other actors, he makes this list mainly because I feel sorry for him. He looks better than many of the actors who show up on screen today and from what we've seen in movies like 12B, Iyarkkai and Lesaa Lesaa, he has decent acting skills, is a pretty good dancer and isn't uncomfortable doing action sequences either. Inspite of this, he hasn't had a single bonafide hit so far in his career. He started off strongly (in probably the luckiest debut for any actor, he got to act with Simran and Jo in his first film as hero) but a series of box-office flops later, he is in probably a worse position than he was then. As we've seen before, it takes just one film to turn an actor's fortunes around. Hope he gets a film like that before its too late...

Prasanna is not a versatile actor. But the desire to see him have a more successful career stems from the desire to see more clean, simple, down-to-earth films in general because he fits into such films perfectly. Prasanna has a wonderful knack for subtle comedy and has been impressive in all his films so far. Actually, he is one of the actors who has been revealing a new facet of his acting in almost every new film since his debut in Five Star. Considering the current trend in Tamil movies, it is understandable that he is not seen in more movies since it doesn't look like action movies would be up his alley though. Then again, it took a Lingusamy to bring out the action hero in Maddy and for all we know, Prasanna might just be waiting for his own Run.

I usually have a little prejudice against star sons since they have it easy compared to other actors who find their own way into Kodambakkam and work hard to make it. But Arunkumar is someone who has made me feel bad for him. Right from his first film Priyam, he has proved that he has the goods to be a hero. Tall, having a good physique, and pretty good at both dancing and fighting, he made a good debut and his movies since then haven't done anything to change that opinion (yes, he looks a lot like Vijayakumar but I don't wanna hold that against him:-). Like most actors he has had movies that, on paper, looked like they could change his fortunes around but they came and went without affecting his career much. He has a couple of movies in his kitty and lets hope atleast one of them gives his career a much-needed boost.

I predicted that Nandha would make it big when I saw him in Mounam Pesiyadhe. He looked smart and held his own against Surya, getting noticed in the playboy role. But his career never took off. He has appeared as the hero in a few films since then but inspite of being impressive in them, the films never did good enough for him to be taken seriously as a hero. With good emoting skills, he is definitely hero material. He will suit action roles too(though, after watching Agaram, I think he needs a lot of work to be good at them), a necessity if a hero is to make it big in Tamil cinema.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger Venkatrangan said...

Prasanna was a successfukl actor in "Kanda Naal Muthal" I think you forgot to mention...

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Bart said...

What about chances to Karthik (IVAM group, Kanda Naal Mudhal) and Sidharth (though hez made it big in telugu)? These two however may not fit into action mode (=physique; Dhanuz being an exception).

At 4:50 AM, Blogger Ganesh said...

Why should Siddarth care to come here;when he's 2 blockbusters in Telugu?He's just like Arjun and others who started in other lang. or were non-Tamilains(Eg Vishal ,Ajith);who've made it big here.(Tamil cinema)
Moreover;he does not even seem to have lang. barrier problems as he's dubbing his own voice for his films.

At 4:53 AM, Blogger Ganesh said...

You're list is right in the first 2 cases.
Shaam and Prasanna deserve chances.
Do not know about Nandha;as I did not watch his movies.
But Prasanna it seems is himself very selective(He says quality matters ;not quantity).Hence;this is probably why he had no film in 2006;though Kanda naal Muthal was a hit.

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siddarth did care, when he pleaded on the stage of Filmfare when he won the best new face for Boys.

Then came NN and then Rang De, he became a bigger player in a bigger stage, but still a no entity in Tamil Industry which is more about openings and masala:).

I think both his Telugu movies were excellant so was his role in Rang De, probably we may see him soon in Hindi again.

Bharath was initially cast as the hero to be replaced by Siddarth in Boys. Bharath made it big here and Siddarth moved on.


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like all four this order:
prasanna, arunkumar, nanda, shaam.

yes, prasanna has to branch out a lil'l more. in fact, even in kanda naall mudhal the prasanna of azhagiya theeye could be seen, in the comic portions...his body language, expressions and dialogue delivery are all suited to comedy but he should avoid being typecast.

arunkumar was terrific in paandavar bhoomi. that movie was released 5 1/2 years ago...and, I am surprised he still hasnt made it big...wonder when actors will be judged solely on performances rather than b-o receipts...vikram in sethu is an exception. i think vikram would've been noticed even if sethu had flopped...his performance was way too powerful for words.

nanda - i know the guy personally...he's very earnest, looking for the right break...his "kodambakkam" should've given him that break...too bad that even a film with agathiyan (the poorly publicized "Selvam" that nobody apparently heard abt!) with a good script couldnt do much for him...he's waiting for lady luck to smile.

shaam- i liked him a lot in 12b, ynrai, iyarkai and ullam kaetkume (wonder why u didnt mention UK in your write-up...his sole hit!)...but he was awful in ABCD...plain awful. just hope recovers from that...

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Orange Fronkey said...

Ha.. I was wondering why Selvam, and Paandavar bhoomi were not mentioned, thanks Ram! =).

I agree with the list you put up Balaji, they do deserve more chance.

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Arun.V.K(thats how we know him in school), he was my class mate for a couple of years, a very unassuming guy with no airs. He does not show any bandha and very down to earth. While studying of course he always said he wanted to do a MBA and was not interested in acting.

He did have a hit in Thulli Thirantha Kalam, always had a good built(used to excercise regularly).

I remember some years back there was a program in Sun TV which had Vikram,Arun and a couple of other guys, I don't remember whom. They were talking about how they regularly meet together and practice acting(they were not having enough chances at that time), One of them has made it big, hopefully this guy will get his chance soon.


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Filbert said...

Agree with Prasanna and Arunkumar, Balaji. But I feel Shaam has got all the opportunities in the world and the producers might not be very charitable to him in the future. Arunkumar's career remains a mystery. He looks decent, acts well & sincerely, has good connections in the industry and has had a few decent hits but still he has gone nowhere.

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaam and Prasanna are the most talented of the five u have listed.

Shaam has been picking wrong movies. Hes also unlucky. 12B and Bala were good but they were not hits like Bala were good.

He was supposed to the role that sidharth did in ayudha ezhuthu but mani changed mind as he considered shaam a unlucky star.

At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sriram if I was Shaam, I would not have worried about losing Mani's movie. What did Sidarth do in that movie other then stand behind Surya in all the frames. Agreed the best song was shot on him, but he didnt fit as he exposed his weak link he is a poor dancer.

Anyway when the movie was announced the star cast was all S's, Srikant was supposed to do Maddy's role. As I have told earlier Mani gives itsbitsy roles to stars to make it look like a multicast so that he can make more mileage out of the movie and his renumerations is a big downer.


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sriram,

I was thinking of NOT commenting about BB's choice of Shaam,the topper of this list (who I personally think is pathetic) just b'cos he had mentioned that he chose shaam ONLY because he felt sorry for him...but now, after seeing your comments about shaam, en nenju kodichu can you think that guy knows how to act? he has nothing to his credit -horrible acting skills, dancing, fighting,, he is PATHETIC!!!

Picking wrong movies???!!?? where are you? - does he even have a choice to pick movies? one has to have offers first inorder to do any knid of picking. If atall he is better than anyone, you could probably say the 3 musketeers - simbhu,danush and ravikrishna and I will not react this badly...


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

" Prasanna is not a versatile star" - I wonder why you think so eventhough you writeup is all praises about his versatality...i think he is great and as ganesh kumar mentioned, he is very choosy, I heard.


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balaji, I frankly think that Prasanna is choosy, that doesn't necessarily mean he is not getting enough chances. I think he is smart by picking films that mean something to him.. I don't think he is like Shaam (wooden, for lack of a better word!) or like Arunkumar (unlucky!) or even worse like Nandha (overwrought with bad decisions and bad luck!)..

I'm willing to consider Arunkumar and Nandha as two actors who have constantly been struggling to get breaks.. but Shaam.. I'm sorry he has no excuse. Forget Ayudha Ezhuthu, he got plum roles in Iyarkkai and even somewhat okay film like "Yei Nee Romba Azhagaa irukke".. a massive role in "Ullam Ketkume" and a large piece of cake with cream on top in "Manadhodu Mazhaikkaalam".. where is he now? He lacks the ability to cash in with each of his roles. There is some charisma that is definitely missing (of course, that compensates for lack of acting in more than one case! :-)..

Smiling, being glum, crinkling the eyebrows and squinting does not make an actor.. I can't see Shaam as making some grand acting breakthrough over and beyond the characteristics that I have just listed.

If these are indeed the qualities of folks who deserve better chances, I would like to submit Srikanth's name. He has made the same blunders as what Nandha and Arunkumar has done, but he has also tried his hand at films like Bose, Joot (to become an action hero!), tried a female centric film like Parthiban Kanavu (and unfortunately, failed as an actor!), done films like Kanaa Kanden and seen someone else (Prithviraj) grab all the laurels.. and of course, he has his long list of duds too.

Can't see why Arunkumar, Nandha, Shaam and Prasanna are more deserving of extra chances than Srikanth.. They all look like they are in the same boat to me! :-)

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

venkat, i didn't mention every film the actors acted in. just a few :)

bart, i never got the sense that those 2 tried to make it big. the list was more about actors who have tried(or are trying) to reach a good position but haven't been able to :)

ganesh, "quality and not quantity" is something every actor says. with tamil cinema's emphasis on masala and action, i'm not sure prasanna's getting that many offers. thats what i was trying to say :)

sriram, i too heard about mani replacing shaam with sidharth. not so sure it was cos he was considered unlucky. i don't think mani would consider things like that...

anon, i said he was not versatile mainly cos i dont think he is suited for action roles... but otherwise he has been pretty good so far...

sandya, i too dont think prasanna is wooden or unlucky. but i do think he isn't getting more chances cos of tamil cinema's current trend.

shaam did get those good roles u mention but barring 'iyarkkai' and 'ullam ketkume', none of the other movies became a hit. and we all know how actors r treated after a string of flops... thats what i was saying...

and srikanth has gotten more chances and has had his share of hits too. so i don't feel he is in as bad a spot as the 4 i wrote about :)

At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

balaji totally off the topic but please read the post on the lollu sabha apology here...

am totally disgusted that lollu sabha team was made to apologize and whatever happened to free speech?!


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prasanna is the only one I agree with in this list. He has that eyes that can be used in powerful roles. Someone like Bala can extract a "Nandha" out of Prasanna, if Prasanna chooses to do heavyweight roles and doesnt stick to regular comedy-masalas. I also believe that he has the right basic physique, which, with proper toning, can take on action roles if needed.

I like to see less of Shyam :-), poor man's Madhavan.

Arunkumar-cant think of anything special, other than his physique. He reminds me of Sunil Shetty.

Nandha-havent seen enough to make up my mind

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

off-topic...trivia quiz...

name the movie that featured these characters:

IC Mohan


Kayalvizhi (Not Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu...another movie...a small girl's name...rewind a little and think!)

C. Sowmya




Jelalamudi Lakshmi Durga SathyaSai Durairaaja Mallika Meenakumaari

Madhanagovalu (not MMKR)

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Gokulathil Seethai (sorry, googled; couldn't help!)
2. Amarkkalam
6. Aboorva Ragangal
7. Ivann
8. Madhanaogvalu - Chinna Veedu

Cha, naalu dhaan-aa?

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zero, yes, those are rite...for #2 i was thinking of a revathi character...but yeah, what u said was correct too...and i guess its quite a common name!

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Nandhu said...

photographs of these actors would help. i dont even know two of them.


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