Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bond... James Bond...

The trailer for the next James Bond flick, Casino Royale, is now online. It definitely points to a very different Bond film from what we've been seeing for a while.

The trailer seems to reflect what the producers said about reshaping Bond closer to the way Ian Fleming imagined him to be i.e. leaner and meaner. When it starts off in B&W with a voiceover, it almost looks like the beginning of the trailer for a noir film. The familiar and invigorating Bond theme music reminds us that this is a Bond film but there seems to be more hand-to-hand stunts. There are no smiles or one-liners or funny quips from Bond in the entire trailer and even the famous intro, with Bond shooting at the screen before a screen of red comes down, is brought in differently.

But gotta wait till November 17th to see how different the film on the whole is...


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