Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sudoku Anyone?

Like I really needed another thing to get addicted to! The Hindu now publishes a new Sudoku puzzle every day. Sudoku is apparently a very popular game that has its own website, legions of fans and computer programs designed to generate Sudoku puzzles and solve them algorithmically. But it was through The Hindu(and Balaji's post on it) that I got introduced to Sudoku. I find that it gives my mind a nice and quick workout when I am stuck on something at work or need a break. So a printout of the day's Sudoku and a pen are always by my side these days :-)

The puzzle's attractiveness lies in its simplicity. It consists of a 9x9 grid, that is initially populated with a few numbers. The aim is to fill in the rest of the grid with numbers 1-9 so that every row, every column and each of the 3x3 boxes(with thick borders around) in the grid does not have any number repeated.

The picture above is today's puzzle and here's my solution... I think its the right one since each puzzle is supposed to have only 1 correct answer :-)


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Balaji for introducing Sudoku.. Heard it first time.. Seems to be an interesting game.. Waiting to get addicted to it.. :-)

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wohooho.. I tried my first Sudoku at the Hindu today.. took me exactly 20 mins. to finish.. Interesting play.. after playing, I am sure I wont get addicted to it.. but will surely play occasionally..

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Looks very addictive. My daughter to my surprise is hooked to this and he solves it in less than 1/2 hour. Interesting indeed.!

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The ones that come in Hindu are of the easy category. I have some tough ones with me. I shall send them if you need.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for introducting me to sudoku. i love it. i think i am already addicted to this.
in fact, i read your blog everyday and find it quite interesting.

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a great site you have here, have you been doing it long?
I just built a site all about my passion for sudoku online


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