Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Time for a Honeymoon!

[Pic Courtesy James Patterson Official Website]

No, no... nothing romantic about this post! Finally got my hands on Honeymoon, James Patterson's latest thriller and can't wait to read it.

Patterson is one my favorite authors, which is rather lucky since he is definitely one of the most prolific authors around (Stephen King, before he retired, was probably his only competitor!). I have read all his books since he wrote Kiss The Girls (I've even gone back and read most of his earlier ones). A fast pace, short chapters and a killer twist are his trademarks.

While most authors are glad to get one book out a year, Patterson releases two or three. He released three books in 2004 with the last one, an Alex Cross thriller London Bridges, coming out late last year. This year he has already released Honeymoon, which saw him collaborating with Howard Roughan. Maximum Ride, the next book in the 'winged children' series is coming out on April 11. And July brings 4th of July, the 4th book in his Women's Club series. This is one busy writer!


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