Friday, March 11, 2005

John's out!

For everyone who'd come to dislike John more with each new episode of NBC's The Apprentice, yesterday was time to cheer as the candidate was fired by Trump. The reason was that he did not negotiate with the rock stars hard enough to get bigger rewards(all he got was that the stars would play for an hour in the winner's house and the winner would attend the launch party for a compilation album release) that would have really got the bids going in the auction. But IMO, he should have been fired for a lot of other reasons - speaking down the women, insulting them behind their backs, hogging all the time with the rock stars and not letting the other two speak and thinking too much of himself.

It was a good boardroom yesterday with Chris almost getting himself shot in the foot by stating that he was a better negotiator than John(which led George to ask him why he did not go to negotiate with the rock stars) and raising his voice with George and Caroline. But Trump eventually managed to fire the right man. And for a change, it was not the losing project manager who got fired!


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