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Kandhasamy Audio (& Video)

Excuse Me Mr. Kandhasamy... has a tune that's catchy in a conversational way but the lyrics carry the conversational part a bit too far, especially the crass-sounding Poada Poadi... bits. I'm not sure if Idhellaam Dupe... really qualifies as a song. The number of foods, relations, emotions and 'names ending in Samy' that the lyricist comes up with is quite impressive the first couple of times but the little tune there is doesn't hold much interest once that initial curiosity wears off. Kandhasamy..., probably the film's theme song, is fast and intense in a folksy way with its rustic beats and the gruff voice - kinda like Virumaandi's theme song. It could work very well in the background for some buildup scenes. The remix sung by DSP doesn't work quite as well though. Meow Meow... is a slow kuthu song and Priya's voice is well-suited for it. The One Two Three... parts of it remind us of DhooL's Indhadi... quite a bit. Allegra... is a nice dance number with some good beats. Mamo Mamiya... and En Peru Meenakumari... are both conventional tunes but do catch on easily.

The long-in-the-making Kandhasamy has been getting a lot of hype and is being built up as the movie event of the summer. But its soundtrack definitely doesn't match the hype. The tunes are, for the most part, instantly catchy but the complete lack of melody and the bland, crass lyrics pull down the quality of the songs.

Found clips(each last about a minute and a half) of the song sequences on YouTube that give us an idea of the picturization. Nothing to get excited about.

Excuse Me Mr. Kandhasamy... - Some camera tricks and nice locales but they don't dispel the crass feel of the song itself.

Allegra... - Some nice, fast dance steps from Shriya. Looks like one song that validates the movie's supposedly huge budget.

Idhellaam Dupe... - Nothing much here.

Meow Meow... - Nice sets and a seductive Shriya catch the eye. Also gives the only glimpse of the supposed superhero Vikram.

En Peru Meenakumari... - Picturized with the suggestiveness the lyrics indicate. Dance steps seems too risque for a film claiming to be a "film that will appeal to kids"


At 3:00 AM, Anonymous Prin said...

Hmm, I was never too excied bout the audio, but the grandeur of thef lick has got me excited =)

Do check out the 4 new trailers, one including the picturisation of Mambo Mamia.

I suppose the album we be like Devi Sri Prasad's usual albums: where they make little impact when released but become a rage when the movie's out, making you sing/dance to it =) Like Sachein, Something Something and Santosh S..... =)

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Dot said...

Allegra - she tries to copy Sakira's hip movements from Hips Don't Lie

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Ravi K said...

"Excuse Me Mr. Kandhasamy... - Some camera tricks and nice locales but they don't dispel the crass feel of the song itself."

Replace "song" with "film" and you've summed up today's Tamil cinema :-)

It looks like it could be an okay entertainer, though I'm skeptical about the superhero stuff.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Filbert said...

Not one movie that I am really looking forward to, inspite of myself liking Susi Ganesan's earlier movies (he happens to be my college senior :)) Someone needs to tell Vikram that he is getting older & not younger and that he can't take forever to finish his movies. We have had what, 3 movies in the last 4 years from him?

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Sreekrishnan said...

I am not sure why they didnt excite you ... it does look good to me. Not that i have great expectations for the movie as such. I am expecting this to be a 75% Shankar + 25% Vijay with Vikram Gimmicks !

I see grandeur and great camera work here. Probably it will work, only because there is more to watch in each screen that you ll probably lose track what you are supposed to enjoy ! Camera, Some foot tapping beats, Great Art direction and Slick editing.

We need to wait to see if Susi can match Shankar ...

Allegro is the fast part of a western Classical tune .. they used it as Allegra which means nothing i guess ...I loved En Paeru Meenakumari and Excuse me. Meeow was different because we see Shreyaminus makeup .. which is actually good !

ithellam Dupe is useless .. this is what shankar wouldnt do !

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Prakash said...

Willing to be surprised, but no hopes for this one. And have pretty much given up on Vikram in the last few years. He seems to be caught in the middle world between Kamal and Vijay/Ajit, and isn't able to do either.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

prin, yeah I guess DSP just tunes fast, catchy songs and has been lucky to get some good choreography for them. but didn't work too well in 'villu though :)

dot, really? will try and watch shakira's video :)

ravi, nicely put :)
i wasn't too thrilled with vikram's costume for the superhero either :)

filbert, this one's a completely different genre compared to susi's earlier movies. so difficult to predict how its gonna come out. but u're right on vikram. its been more than a year and a half since 'bheema' came out. and with mani's film up next, we can look fwd to another loooong gap after 'kandhasamy' :)

sreekrishnan, the sequences were ok. i think the songs themselves were a big reason why i didn't like the sequences also. they were slick and well done but the crassness of the songs didn't go with them :)

prakash, my sentiments exactly. i've passed the point where i got excited for a vikram flick :)

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Patchi Pesudhu said...

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Sandya said...

Personally, the biggest downer was the audio release function that aired on Sun TV. From what I have read here, it doesn't look like you saw it, Balaji. It's a good thing that you didn't.

Lingesh, who was one of the hosts, was painful to watch: crowing to the public to applaud ever so often; jumping from place to place at the sight of any celebrity, drooling over Shriya, Mumaith Khan etc... PAINFUL!..

But contrary to the feeling you got based on the songs, I watched both the trailers and song clips during the audio release function and thought it was pretty good (Lingesh really ruined it so much so as to keep any good aftereffects to not stick around! :-) ;-)

But since then, I've listened to the songs at least a half dozen times. Crass or not, they are catchy! In this day and age, that is an accomplishment by itself, me thinks.. I think Vikram and Susi have a blockbuster and a big winner in the box office (and if I gauged all of this correctly, Sun Pictures is in it for distribution of this film! (even though it wasn't spelled out as such). I don't have to tell you how well they market 'crass' ;-) ;-)..

And for the very first time, DSP has a bonafide hit in his hands.. something he hasn't been able to do with any of his previous films.. he usually has one or two good songs and never anything that catches on fast.. Whatever you are seeing him do here is rare for him in Tamil at least! ;-)

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Sandya said...

But truthfully, grandeur and glamour aside, I was quite bowled over by the Pokkisham and Achamundu Achamundu trailers. Pokkisham's approach is very simple, gentle and my god, the art direction looks stunning! :-).. Achamundu has a strange ability to stir fear in anybody without revealing anything at all.. Been a while since I have enjoyed a good 'creepy' trailer!..

Though I do think that a glam-sham like Kandasamy would do well, had to put in a good word for these smaller films as well!.. Manasu ketkalai! ;-) ;-)

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Balaji said...

sandya, nope, didnt see it. no sun tv @ home any more. and yes, i do agree that the songs are catchy. 'excuse me mr. kandhasamy' and 'pizza dhan top' are all that kavya and karthik are chanting these days!

I wasn't too impressed with the AA trailer though I'm looking fwd to the film itself. but 'Pokkisham' was awesome. yep, the art direction was stunning indeed. and have u heard the songs? couldn't believe they were was by sabesh-murali. wonderful melodies :)

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Sandya said...

You've got that right.. Mahalakshmi has her own version of Idhellaam Dupe-u too.. only hers is from the Ramayana. She lists about ten to fifteen rakshasaas from the Ramayana and then sings "Idhellaam Dupe-u, Raamar dhaan top-pu".. Quite hilarious! :-) ;-)

About AA, somehow I liked the simplicity of the whole trailer.. no high-fangled mumbo jumbo.. Yes, I keep hearing good things about Pokkisham songs too.. But I'm not surprised it is by Sabesh-Murali. Their effort in Thavamaai was also commendable! :-) Paavam, the 'Deva's brothers' label will never leave them, I suppose!

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dance movements in allegra are straight lift from Taal...
the movie doesn't look that promising

At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks crap, crass, vulgar and disturbing....!!!!!!!


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